Why Social Media Marketing?

Having a strong online presence is pivotal to any real estate agent’s marketing strategy. With social media marketing predicted to be a crucial aspect well into the 2020’s, it’s important to begin building and maintaining your presence on the top three networks in the world.

The success of your real estate business is all about your sphere of influence.

Social media provides you with an opportunity to dramatically increase that sphere by connecting you to an unlimited supply of potential clients.

Facebook 1.32 billion monthly users
LinkedIn 350 million monthly users
Twitter 302 million monthly users

By consistently posting high-value, relevant content on your social media networks, you are setting yourself apart from the other agents in your area, allowing you to own your market.


Why Facebook?

Think of your Facebook page as a website with a pulse. Even if you don’t have a new listing or open house to post, your business page should be updated every day, reminding your current and future clients that you are still an active real estate agent.

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Why Twitter?

Twitter is the third largest network in the world. Fast-paced and high-energy networking allows you to engage with potential and existing clients in real time, resulting in a deeper agent-to-client relationship.

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Why LinkedIn?

As a real estate agent, connections are key to your success. Networking on LinkedIn can produce 277% more leads than Facebook and Twitter combined, making it a key component in your social media marketing strategy. By consistently posting industry-specific content, you will be seen as a thought leader by your sphere of influence.

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of real estate professionals are on social media.

of people start their home search online.