Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Below you’ll find answers! If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

We are a team of social media experts that are committed to providing your business with the best real estate content possible. Compared to the competition, Shareable Social:

  • Creates all original graphics in-house to wow your clients
  • Posts network specific content to the three major social media websites
  • Never makes you sign a contract
  • Won’t charge you a setup fee
  • Is a team comprised of real-life human beings, so you can sleep easy at night knowing your social media is on cruise control

Shareable Social has done extensive research to bring you the best, most impactful post schedule:

  • Facebook: 1x per day M-F
  • Twitter: 3x per day M-F
  • LinkedIn: 1x per day M,W,F

That’s great! The real estate professionals that get the most out of our service are the ones that use it as a supplement.

  • We encourage our clients to customize their pages by posting open houses, listings, or localized market trends to be more involved in their social media strategy!

Shareable Social will post content that’s specific to your real estate business. All Facebook posts will be accompanied by a custom image, while Tweets will utilize strategic hashtags to help you be seen. LinkedIn updates will ensure you are looking great on the most professional social network by linking to articles from sources such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Still not sure? Check out our content page for examples.

If you decide you want to quit (which we promise, you won’t… we are awesome), you can do so with 30-day notice by sending an email to There are no contracts, no commitments, no strings attached!

For as little as $27 per month, we can take social media off your hands and put it on cruise control. Our packages will provide anywhere between 20 and 92 posts per month.

Yes! You can pay upfront for a year and we’ll give you 2 months for free! See pricing options here.

The more agents in your area that use Shareable Social, the more localized the content will be. Shareable Social provides real estate agents with services all over the country, in more than 30 states! Currently, we offer state-specific content for California, Colorado, Florida, Texas and Washington with plans to continue expanding to our growing states. If you don’t live in one of those five states, don’t worry! You’ll still get real estate specific, eye-catching content regardless of your location!

It is against Facebook’s Guidelines to promote your business on a personal account. For this reason, we can only post to business pages. We’ll create one for you if you don’t have one!

No! For subscribers, the content posted to your accounts will keep the focus where it’s meant to be – on you and your real estate business. We won’t brand any of our content or promote any of your competitors at any time.

All we will do is publish content to your pages on a daily basis. We don’t have access to your friend list, nor will we ever reply to comments or reach out to individuals on your behalf.

People are on social media to be entertained, not sold to. However, our content is specifically designed to entertain and delight your followers without over-marketing. This daily pulse will help you stay top of mind, so when they are ready to buy, your clients will think of you first!

Currently, our auto-post system only supports posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Yes, you still have complete access and control over your social media accounts. We only use your passwords and login information to connect you to our auto-post system. You can modify, update or disconnect your profiles at anytime.